Closing date: Applicants can apply anytime

Student type: International students

Level of study: Undergraduate and postgraduate

Study area: Any

Scholarship value: CAD $20,000 ($5,000 per year for four years)


Description: Te University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) is a Government of Canada designated learning institution (DLI number O19395299642) with approval to host international students.Each year, UFV International welcomes more than 800 new students From above 70 countries around the world. UFV advocates for academic excellence by awarding several scholarships each year. Last year, UFV International awarded more than $400,000 in scholarships.International students are hereby invited to apply for the International Excellence Entrance Scholarship to study at the UFV in Canada for the academic year 2023-2024. The scholarship is competitive and targeted at students with excellent academic performance.


  1. You apply to study at UFV and You are in your graduating year or have recently graduated.
  2. For this scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:
  3. Have a minimum overall CGPA (cumulative GPA) of 3.75 on all approved grade 12 courses
  4. Apply to a degree program
  5. Have a minimum CGPA of 3.0 for each of your previous years at UFV to maintain the scholarship

Note: Short-term visiting and exchange students are not eligible for entrance scholarships.

How to apply: No application required,You are automatically considered when you apply to UFV if you meet the eligibility criteria. Preference is given to students applying to programs that award bachelor degrees.

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