Top tips for finding a job in a different state
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Top tips for finding a job in a different state

Stuck in a mundane job? Need a change? Moving to another state? Relocation can be thrilling and traumatic at the same time, especially when it comes to getting a new job.

You can successfully land a new job in a new location, if you advance your hunt the right way. Here are some tips to look out for an out-of-state job:

Carefully read the job post

Before applying, ensure your new employer is ready to hire someone from out of the state. If the job post states locals only, you can use your cover letter to give them a justifiable reason why you should be considered for the job with the locals. For example, you’re moving to be closer to your family and have a permanent residence in the area. If it is your dream job, it is worth trying.

Be thoroughly prepared

Moving to a new city is exciting, but it’s important that you do your homework. By this we mean make sure you visit the new location and decide if you want to live close to where you new job is located. Once you decide to move, be sure to gauge your new community and determine what you need and whom do you want to engage with. Most importantly, take into serious consideration the cost of living difference between your last and new community, before taking up the new job role.

Be wise with your cover letter

The cover letter is a great way to mention and explain why you’re relocating. You can use the letter to make a strong case about why moving to a new place will help you fulfil your professional, as well as personal goals. Let the employer know you’re moving back to your hometown. If not, let them know that you and your family have already toured the place and are well-aware of the community. Make it clear that you’re moving for reasons other than the job. You can state your expected move-in date and explain to them how this job isn’t the sole reason for your relocation. A well-written cover letter with a friendly and upbeat tone is a great way to pave your way, regardless of you not being a local applicant.

Consider moving expenditures

If your dream job employer isn’t looking for an out-of-state worker, they may not pay for your relocations. However, you can still explore your options and try to negotiate. Before you consider the offer, ensure you take into consideration the moving costs. Clearly communicate about the financial support and relocation assistance that will be provided by your new employer to avoid any surprises.

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